Lettuce & Sunchoke Soup with Poached Oyster & Caviar
Suggested wine pairing Reserve Pinot Gris

Yield:6 portions

1 leek white part only - washed well and diced
4 shallots - diced
2 tbls butter
2 tbls butter
150 ml Mission Hill Reserve Pinot Gris
150 g sunchokes or creamer potatoes - washed well and chopped (approx. 3 large)
2 L chicken stock
400 ml romaine lettuce - chiffonade
12-18 small fresh oysters - Malapeque, Stellar Bay, Golden Mantle (see note below)
28 sturgeon caviar


  • Heat pot over medium heat, add butter and melt.
  • Add sliced leeks and shallots - cook until tender but do not colour. 
  • Add the sunchokes and sweat for 2-3 minutes. Add the Pinot Gris and reduce by half. 
  • Add the chicken stock and simmer for 20 minutes. 
  • Add the chiffonade of romaine and purée the soup well. Chill until needed. 
  • Just before serving - shuck the oysters. Save the juice and strain well to remove any shell. 
  • Add the juice to the soup and bring to a simmer. Do not cook the soup for too long. 
  • Heat soup bowls and divide the oysters in the bowls. Pour the hot soup over the oysters. 
  • Garnish soup with caviar and serve at once.


  • The oysters should be fresh, closed tightly and smell of the ocean - never fishy or like a beach at low tide.
  • You will need a sharp shucker to open them.
  • Place the oyster in a kitchen towel that is folded into quarters - this will help protect your hands and give a firm purchase on the oyster.
  • Place the oyster into the folded cloth so that the hinge is sticking out.
  • Firmly insert the shucker blade into the hinge and pop open.
  • Run the shucker along the top of the shell and cut the abductor muscle.
  • Carefully remove the top shell, try not to disturb the tasty juice inside.
  • Cut the abductor muscle on the bottom.

Recipe by: The Culinary Team at Mission Hill Family Estate

© Copyright 2013 Mission Hill Family Estate