The award-winning Wine Boutique at Mission Hill Family Estate is showcasing brand new merchandise for the season. Our mission is to surprise and delight our guests shopping the world for goods that are exclusive to the Wine Boutique at Mission Hill. We follow the latest trends but also specialize in timeless pieces with an old world feel. Visit us to discover a number of exciting finds!

Guests visiting are eager to take home wine or a memento from their visit to Mission Hill Family Estate and its award-winning Wine Boutique.

The Wine Boutique at Mission Hill offers a number of aerators in all price ranges to solve any decanting needs, whether you love tannic notes or wines that are rounded and soft while maintaining the complexity. Proper decanting of full-bodied reds greatly add to the experience and enjoyment!

The Wine Breather from Denmark is rated time and again as the best option as well as beautiful yet functional. Designed to be operated with one hand, this choice allows the user to decant a full bottle of wine and recant the wine back into its bottle if so desired. The preferred choice of our Proprietor, the Wine Breather is in stock now at the Boutique for $49.95.

White Wine as a general rule never needs to be decanted; however our Director of Wine Education Ingo Grady has recommended, on occasion, decanting some white wines such as our stunning Perpetua to reveal the underlying character of the wine. A brand carried at the boutique, Vinturi, makes an aerator engineered just for white wine priced at $29.99.

We look forward to serving you!

Director of Merchandising
The Wine Boutique at Mission Hill Family Estate

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